YDL - 2.4G Foldable Futuristic Drone

YongDaLiSKU: AG-06

Sale price $23.13


Product Size: 15*8*5CM (folded state) / 33*33*5CM (stretched state)

Battery specification: Lithium battery 3.7V /1200mAh (remote control 3.7V/180mAh)

Charging time: about 150min

Accessories: 4 blades, 2 USBs (1 USB for the toy, 1 USB for the remote control), 1 screwdriver


* The aircraft can fly outdoors. It has a foldable fuselage and a horizontal fixed height function.

* The remote control uses somatosensory control technology, which is convenient for storage and has a special feel.

* The aircraft can perform 360-degree 3D roll stunts and full-scale operations such as ascending/descending/forwarding/rewinding/turning left/right/flying side-to-side.

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